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A visionary leader, Mr. Bhupesh Yadav is at the helm of MountainHigh Solution Pvt Ltd. With a profound commitment to generating employment opportunities, he has been instrumental in steering the company towards new horizons. His expertise is not confined to one domain; he also runs a security agency providing top-notch security services across Maharashtra. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to societal development are the cornerstones of our company's ethos.

Bhupesh Yadav


Ms. Rajal Dubey, our esteemed Co-Founder, champions the cause of women empowerment with unyielding dedication. Under her guidance, MountainHigh Solution Pvt Ltd. has adopted a progressive approach, prioritizing the hiring and development of female staff. Her vision is to create a workspace where women are not only employed but also nurtured to become self-reliant and empowered leaders in their respective fields.

Ms. Rajal Dubey


Bringing over two decades of rich experience in IT and BPO sectors, Mr. Anand Mardikar is a valuable asset to our team. His extensive knowledge and innovative strategies in these dynamic industries have significantly contributed to the growth and diversification of MountainHigh Solution Pvt Ltd. His ability to blend traditional practices with modern technological trends has been pivotal in our journey towards excellence.

Anand Mardikar