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Back-office operations

Back-office operations in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refer to the tasks and activities that support the core functions of a business but do not directly interact with clients or customers. These operations are essential for the smooth functioning of a company and typically involve administrative, data management, and support


By delegating non-core tasks to BPO providers, businesses can redirect their focus and resources toward core competencies and strategic initiatives. This enables companies to enhance their productivity and efficiency in delivering their primary products or services.

Types of Back-office operations

Data Entry and Management: :
Inputting, organizing, and managing data, such as customer information, financial records, or inventory data.
Document Processing :
Handling documents, including scanning, indexing, and digitizing physical documents for easier storage and retrieval.
Accounting and Finance :
Managing financial records, processing invoices, payroll management, and other accounting-related tasks..
Human Resources:
Managing employee records, handling recruitment processes, payroll administration, and employee benefits.
IT Support:
Providing technical support, troubleshooting, and maintaining IT systems and infrastructure.